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At Synergyx, the quality services we provide are as important as our customers. We emphasize on mutual collaboration between our

customer and us. This means that we offer customized solutions for individual customers with different requirements, which we deem as the

most valuable aspect of our company.


Customer satisfaction and resulting loyalty is what we strive to achieve through our services.


Quality assurance begins here

At Synergyx, the customer's production quality has top priority. This requires quality assurance through calibration of... [ + ]

Service repair and maintenance

Service repair and maintenance

It doesn't often happen, but if a welding system on a customer's premises should malfunction, you will expect nothing less... [ + ]

fm/fmp service

Pre-assembled / Pre-assembled and tested

Welding systems can be ordered factory pre-assembled or pre-assembled and tested. A system that is ready to use straight... [ + ]

commissioning and pre sales consultation

Ready-to-use configuration for new Fronius welding systems

By having a new welding system commissioned on site, the customer benefits from the valuable technical know-how of a... [ + ]

maintenance contract

A perfectly tailored service package

The Synergyx maintenance contract guarantees high productivity by increasing machine availability and ensures that your... [ + ]

product demo & test

Try before you buy

The purchase of a new welding system is an important investment decision. It requires a comprehensive evaluation. The... [ + ]

welding trials

We develop welding technology solutions

Our welding experts carry out welding trials using customer-specific materials and components. This allows them to ... [ + ]

rental service and training

High-tech on demand. the rental service for top welding systems.

We all need extra backup from time to time. A customer will often find that his own welding systems are not sufficient... [ + ]

software installation & support

Software for maximum system productivity

Synergyx offers a very wide range of software packages for welding. Our engineer can provide on-site support for... [ + ]