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Very often, there is much more to the welding process than just a connection between two metals. In highly demanding applications - Precision, coordination, reliability and repeatability are necessary.


Fronius offers a wide range of mechanised welding systems - From pre-developed standard components to complex system solutions

specially matched to your applications.

  • Standard Components

  • Orbital Welding Systems

  • Systems

  • Turntables

    Rotator Units

    Oscillation Units

    Control Units

    Wire Feeder

    Tripod Units/Column and Boom

    Clamping Henches

    Driving Vehicles



  • Orbital system-controller & software

    Orbital weld heads

    Orbital driving vehicles

    Orbital power sources

    Orbital coldwire feeder

    Orbital bevelling and cutting machines

    Orbital welding facts

    Orbital tungsten electrode grinder

    Orbital forming gas system

    Orbital tube-to-tubesheet weld heads

  • Subsea components (oil- & gas industry)

    Rail vehicle assembly

    Vaporizer-walls (power generation)

    Vaporizer pipes (power generation)

    Boiler (power generation)

    Carrier sections (special vehicles)

    Crane booms (commercial vehicles)

    Rotors (power generation)

    Thick-walled pipes (power generation)

    Exhaust parts (motor-cycles)

    Coupling elements (rail vehicles)

    Rotor arms (machinery construction)

    Handles for surgical instruments

    Ball-valve components (machinery construction)

    FDV 80 longitudinal welding system

    Combustion chambers (machinery construction)


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